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about me

tobias baesch  rola-bola handblancer artist coach

The “Art of Balancing” has always been the main passion of Tobias since he started to train the Circus Arts at the age of seven in the South-West of Germany. From then on Tobias continued to developed his skills and slowly outgrew his environment. Performing and teaching semi-professionally until he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a professional Circus Performer after his finished his secondary education.

Therefore Tobias successfully applied to the renown Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg (NL), which he graduated successfully 2016. Since then he has been fully committed to the field of Circus – performing all over Europe, as well as, teaching in various high profile environments.

He is developing an uncommon and innovative mix of the disciplines of Rola-Bola and Handbalacing, which truly blends the technical potential to develop a unique and never-seen aesthetic. Throughout his research he explored various different props and styles to push the boundaries of both disciplines even further and develop new visual and technical possibilities. He has been performing with his unique set of skills in numerous corporate events as well as lots of international productions:
- Varietespektakel La Fable, 2016 Bonn/Köln, DE
- European Youth Circus Festival, 2016, Wiesbaden, DE
- Wintercircus Arlette Hanson, 2016/17, Tour, NL
- Ketnet Public TV Station, 2017, Brussels, BE
- Ashtonia, 2018, Zeist, NL
- RTL Late Night, 2019, Amsterdam, NL
- Ashtonia, 2019, Tour, NL
- Ashton Brothers, 2020/2021, Tour, NL

Next to his work as a professional Circus Performer Tobias has been committed to pass on his knowledge and skills in the position of Technical Director at the CircArtive School for Circus Performers. Preparing aspiring talents for their career in circus arts and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in their goal of becoming Circus Performers.